7 Floors of Hell
Cleveland's Premiere Haunted House

The Attractions at 7 Floors of Hell

House of Nightmares

This old Victorian mansion has something waiting for you deep inside. The spirits have never left this home and can't wait to get inside of you!

Mental Ward

Are you brave enough to step inside with the mentally insane! These mentally disturbed people cannot wait to meet you and have you part of their family as you step inside this mental ward facility

Slaughter House

The name sort of says it all! Blood,guts, Gore,slaughtered, and tortured. Did we mention there will be blood and lots of it!


What lurks deep inside you may never know, you will only have one sense that you can not use in this haunted house. You will be surrounded by complete darkness.
You will hear the screams and hear the breathing you will not know what it is until it's too late!


Something has went extremely wrong inside this bio facility. The experiments have been done and now everything is on lockdown!

Circus of Death

The freaky circus is in town come one come all step inside the big top. They have all kinds of surprises for you and you know there is clowns in the circus and lots of them!


There are zombies everywhere! You watch the show every week on TV, now is your chance to live it! The Infected only at the 7 Floors of Hell.

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