7 Floors of Hell
Cleveland's Premiere Haunted House

The Attractions at 7 Floors of Hell

The Cemetery

The fog of the night and the Spirits of the dead fill the cemetery! but what’s waiting for you inside the Mausoleum is something you just don’t want to encounter! The all new cemetery!


This old catacomb crypt is filled with nothing but skulls and bones that cover the walls, But the spirits still roam the corridors dark passageways. You may follow the flickering lights but that Could leave you lost forever!

Circus Rejects

Yes there was a circus and there were some clown rejects. Now the clown rejects want revenge and can’t wait to see you in there big top!

Mental Ward

Are you brave enough to step inside with the mentally insane! These mentally disturbed people cannot wait to meet you and have you part of their family as you step inside this mental ward facility

The Butcher Shop

The name sort of says it all! Blood,guts, Gore,slaughtered, and tortured. Did we mention there will be blood and lots of it!

The CemeteryCircus RejectsMental WardCatacombsThe Butcher Shop

Due to Covid-19, 7 Floors of Hell will only have 5 Haunted Houses open in 2020 to keep our staff & customers safe!

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