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Covid-19 Information

We’re committed to opening our event safely, cautiously and respectfully toward government guidelines, while at the same time helping our community, and economy move forward. As such, we’re implementing measures for our 2020 Halloween season that are above and beyond what the current guideline/restriction currently in place is. A list of those are provided below:

  • When customers arrive at the event, they will be greeted in the parking lot by one of our staff at the parking booth. At that time, they will be asked if anyone in the vehicle is sick and look for signs of the Covid19, and at this time before they even exit the car, they will be advised to wear a mask at all times. Face mask are going to be mandatory by all customers and employees at all times while at the attraction.
  • Throughout the event there will be signs reminding to maintain distancing and guidelines for all groups: Queue line markings indicating 6-8’ distances from other groups, every-other queue line to ensure additional spacing, safety and DJ broadcasts to remind groups to remain distanced between them and others that are not part of their household. Outdoor queueing only-no indoor waiting spaces. Staff will closely monitor the queue lines to ensure customers are in compliance with distancing measures. Customers/Groups not in compliance and/or after two reminders will be asked to leave.
  • Maintain signage to remind individuals to stand 6+ feet apart and abide by distancing guidelines: Printed signage and/or banners. Additional symptoms posters will be posted for staff, indicating they can’t work if they have symptoms. And customers will not be allowed on property if they have symptoms. 
  • Temperatures of all employees are checked daily and taken as soon as they arrive. Symptom and travel questions will also be asked. Temperature, symptom and travel answers will be logged. A daily house assignment log is kept. Signage reminding staff that if they have symptoms, they must go home and can not work.
  • Being at the fairgrounds we have multiple large restroom facilities with two different restroom locations each have four sinks in them and approximately 20 stalls in each. These will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Hand sanitizing stations: Minimum of 15 hand pump sanitizing stations will be spread throughout the event. Especially at the entrance to each attraction. They will be encouraged to use the sanitizer before entering each attraction. 
  • Increased cleaning of all surfaces (handrails, doors, restrooms, etc.): More staff will be hired for dedicated sanitation duties. We have purchased an electrostatic sanitizing spray gun to effectively sanitize all attractions, and restrooms on a regular basis during our hours of operation. Nightly sanitizing of all company equipment.
  • We normally bring in 4 outside food vendors and have tables set up for customers to eat at. We will not be bringing in the 4 outside food vendors this year and we will not provide tables or seating anywhere so that we can limit the amount of time customers are at the event. There will be a trailer with drinks and snacks available for purchase, as well as 7FOH merchandise.
  • Our actors will be kept at a safe distance a majority of them will be behind plexiglass windows, with different sets and displays at a safe distance from customers. Customers will be instructed to keep their arms to their sides while inside the attractions at all times. Signage throughout the attractions on wall/sets stating ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ reminders.
  • No sharing/exchanging costumes/masks: Staff shall not be allowed to change costumes/character/masks in-show, ensuring less cross contamination. Nightly cleaning and disinfecting of masks, face shields, goggles and costumes will be conducted via washing, wiping, and/or use of disinfecting foggers or sprays, following CDC cleaning guidelines and sanitation solution/mixture.
  • There will be no sharing of makeup or brush makeup allowed. We have only allowed contactless makeup applications only. All costuming artists will follow the Governor’s guidelines for masks, distancing, gloves, face shield or goggle PPE, and guidance during and between each actor. After each actor the entire costuming station will be wiped down with a sanitizer solution and paper towel, and discarded. Gloves will be changed between each actor.
  • We have a low occupancy inside all of our attractions, set by the local fire & building department. No more than 30 occupants.
  • Decrease input speeds to facilitate distancing and control guest flow through the attractions. Based on occupancy and nightly operations, adjusted times of entering the haunted house attractions may vary to ensure extra spacing between groups. Additional spacing between groups once in motion inside the attraction. Expect longer wait times to enter each houses.  
  • Our event operates on the weekends for a total of 18 days starting on Friday Sept. 18th, till Oct 31st, 2020. Full schedule is on our website at www.7floorsofhell.com.
  • Later in the month of October as it gets closer to Halloween we will monitor the attendance if we realize too many people are coming in at once when we stop them at the parking booth they will be given a time slot card to remain in their vehicle until a future time in order for us to control the crowds at the pay windows and on the property. 

We are looking forward to an amazing and scary haunt season. This is a unique season for us all and we are doing our best to comply with all health and safety regulations/suggestions made by the local government and the CDC. We are doing everything we can to provide a safe and healthy environment for both our patrons and actors. The safety and well-being of our guests has always been 7FOH’s top priority. While 2020 has brought on a number of unexpected challenges for fans of the 7FOH and for people around the world, 7FOH remains committed to providing its customers with an outstanding customer experience while supporting state, local, and national government guidelines.

“We’ll remain vigilant in our monitoring of Covid-19 developments and prepare accordingly to ensure that we can continue to provide our fans with a secure venue where they can come to actively participate in a fun and entertaining, yet scary experience” said Dunfield. “Research shows that being scared releases toxins, and helps people feel better about the chaos in everyday life, and we’re happy to be able to provide our community with a place to come and have fun and unwind. “

The CemeteryHouse of the DeadMental WardCatacombsThe Butcher Shop

Due to Covid-19, 7 Floors of Hell will only have 5 Haunted Houses open in 2020 to keep our staff & customers safe!

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