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Welcome to Evil Unleashed, one of Barrie’s most chilling attractions! Nestled on the outskirts of the city, this eerie edifice has a storied history of paranormal activity. From restless spirits to mysterious poltergeists, this set of haunts promises an unforgettable, hair-raising experience for those brave enough to venture inside.

The All Axe-cess Experience

Separate yourself from the rest of the slaughter with the VIP pass. Gain all axe-cess to all the haunts and skip to the front of the line. Recuperate at the VIP booth or find your way out of 4 of our Escape Rooms in between haunt experiences. Don’t forget your swag to show off that you survived the best haunted attraction of the year.

Whats Included?
  • Parking pass
  • All axe-cess pass to all haunted attractions
  • A speed pass to skip the lines
  • Enjoy your slay at the VIP booth
  • An exclusive piece of merchandise


haunts offered


It is an old abandoned insane asylum that at first seemed like a place for rehabilitation for the patients but turned out to be something darker. Hidden inside those walls was so much trauma, torture, and experimentation all in the name of “science” that was hidden away from the public. The patients were treated more like prisoners and test animals rather than being rehabilitated. The souls of those who were tortured still linger and take revenge on anybody that dares come into the building.

Field of Screams

Your typical cornfields and pumpkin patch farm but with a dark family history. There is a family with a long history of inbreeding that occupies this plot of land waiting for outsiders to set foot on their property. Once you are on their land and in their territory, you belong to them. They hunt, capture, kill, and eat any outsiders that dare come onto their land. Legend has it, you can still hear the screams of the past victims ringing throughout the fields.


A group of astronauts went out on an exploratory mission and came back on board with a little more than just data and pictures….. one of the astronauts was carrying a parasite unbeknownst to them. In the night, the astronaut became very ill and started turning into a monster, unleashing havoc on the rest of the crew. With each passing hour, more and more of the crew became infected and everyone was turning on each other…. it was every man for himself. Who can you trust on board when you have no escape?

Haunted Mansion

Everyone hears the rumors of the ghosts that live in the mansion, but no one ever heeds the warnings of the locals and decide to go check it out for themselves. Inside the mansion you have your classic killers, spirits, and beasts that roam the hallways for all of eternity. From goblins and ghouls to werewolves and vampires, this house will check off all of the boxes of your classic horror characters.

Anubis’ Revenge

Everyone knows that the Egyptian royalty wanted to be with their riches forever….. everyone knows that….. and everyone knows the dead can’t reap the benefits of their treasure once they are already dead. This attracted many grave robbers that wanted all the riches and glory to themselves. Maybe the grave robbers should have done their research better because they would have known that inside the pyramids, there are traps and unsolvable labyrinths that claim more and more victims every day. Would you dare to try and make it to the treasure room to take home the gold for yourself?